• Spa Bath $25-$65

Massaging Warm Water Bath, Brush Out, Fluff Dry, Ear Cleaning/Hair Removal, Nail Trim, Cologne,Bandana/Bow.

• Deluxe Spa Bath $40-$80

Includes Spa Bath, Nail Grinding/Crystal File, Oral Hygiene, Fresh Facial, Specialty Shampoo & Conditioner, Rejuvenating Finishing Spray, Cologne, Bandana/Bow.

• Spiff & Sparkle $40-$85

Range based on breed/coat type Includes Spa Bath, Minor Scissoring & Clipping, Sani Trim/Paw Trim, Minty Breath Freshener, Cologne, Bandana/Bow.

• Spa Groom $55-$110

Includes Spa Bath, Full Body Clip & Style, Cologne, Bandana/Bow or Feather.

• Deluxe Spa Groom $70-$150

Includes Deluxe Spa Bath, Full Body Clip & Style, Cologne, Bandana/Bow or Feather.

• Bath & Brush $40-$60

• Shave Down without Bath $65-$75

• Shave Down with Bath $75-$95

• Shed-Less Treatment Starting at $5.00

Special shampoo & brushing system dramatically reduces shedding. Although shedding is greatly reduced, this process does not stop the natural shedding process and is not a one-time cure for shedding.

• De-Matting* $10/15 minutes

• Zymox Medicated Shampoo & Conditioner

$10 S/M | $15 ML-XL

• Specialty Shampoo & Conditioner $5

Choice of oatmeal, medicated, whitening.

• Rejuvenating Finishing Spray $5

Hydrolyzed Protein leave-in conditioner, replaces the sebum that shampoo removes.

• De-Flea Bath** $10

• Gland Expression $5

• Oral Hygiene $5

Includes tooth brushing and minty breath spray

• Fresh Facial $5

A refreshing blend of vanilla & blueberry. Naturally exfoliating, it effectively removes dirt & tear stains.

• Nail Grind $12

• Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal $10

• Nail Pawlish $5

An application of pet safe nail polish just for fun.

• Nail Trim & Crystal File $10

• Airbrush/Color

Starting at $10

• Soft Claws Nail Caps $15

Half Set/$25 Full Set

• Behavioral Issues $5-20

If your dog is “Difficult” – hyper, a biter, refuses to stand or tends to relieve himself several times during his stay (lt Happens!) -expect to pay the additional fee for the added time needed to complete the grooming.

* These prices are a guideline ONLY and may vary depending on breed/size/coat type/condition/and temperament of your dog. * Matted coats need to be identified before any service. ** We are a FLEA FREE zone; however if fleas are found during the course of service, we are obligated to perform our natural De-Flea bath treatment – $10 charge. * LATE PICKUP (after half hour grace period) $10 per 15 minutes.